Amrakhova Anna is D.A. Graduated from the Uzeyir Hajibeyov State Conservatory of Azerbaijan. Chief Editor of the Music Theory Society's Magazine. Member of Russia's Union of Composers. Author of two published monographs (2004 & 2009), as well as of several dozens of articles and interviews with some leading composers and musicologists.

Cebe Rohat (1978) is Assistant Prof. of University of Batman, Fine Arts Faculty, Music Department, Batman.
E-mail: rohat.cebe@batman.edu.tr. Works performed in Germany ,Austria, Azerbaycan and Turkey. He is currently a lecturer at the Batman University Fine Arts Faculty.

Chernova Tatyana. Graduate of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, now Associate Professor at its Music Theory Department; Ph.D. in Art Studies. A series of articles are published. Author of a book "Dramaturgy in Instrumental Music" (Moscow, 1984).

Mammadov Tariyel Aydin oghlu (1949) is the Honored Art Worker of Azerbaijan, Doctor of Art Criticism, Professor, the founder and Head Editor of the journal «Musigi Dunyasi» («Music World») http://www.musigi-dunya.az. He is the author of such books as «Songs by Koroghlu» (in Russian) (1978), «Traditional melodies of Azerbaijan ashigs» (in Russian) (1989), «Ashig art» (2002), «Azerbaijan classical ashig melodies» (2009), «Ashig creativity» (2011) etc. and multitude works on music theoretical folklore and ashig science.
E-mail: mamedovtariyel@gmail.com

Mammadova Rana Azer gyzy (27.02.1950) is Doctor of Art, professor of Baku Music Academy, head of department of "Interrelations of Arts" of the Institute of Architecture and Art of NASA., Corresponding-memver of NASA, Academician of Russian pedagogical and social sciences. The author of more than 200 scientific works on art science, history and theory of culture, scientific conceptions and special lecture courses aimed at the development of interrelations and dialogue of cultures. "Musical turkology", "Azerbaijan mugam", "Russia and Caucasus", "Pages of history of Azerbaijan theatre" and others.

Safarova Zemfira Yusif gyzy is musicologist – scientist, doctor of art, professor. Honouned Art Worker, Honoured scientist, corresponding-member of NASA, head of department of "Music history and theory" of the Institute of Architecture and Art, the author of more than 200 scientific works including more than 30 books and monographs. Z.Safarova is a researcher of U.Hajybayli's creation, a specialist on the Middle Ages, founder of musical source-science in Azerbaijan, member of Composers' Union, chairman of the expert Board of the HAC on Architecture and Art by the President of the Republic.