The article examines the processes taking place in Azerbaijani culture during the life of Nizami Ganjavi. It is noted that when analyzing Nizami's works, the artistic content of the works is based on artistic connections. The middle ages were the period of economic and cultural renascence of Azerbaijan. Literature, painting, music and architecture began to rapidly develop during that period. During the Renaissance in Azerbaijan the special artistic unity of various arts was formed , and music occupied a special place among them. As an example, suffice it to recall the close relationship between music and poetry in Azerbaijani culture. At that time, a musician was both a poet and a singer. When we talk about relations in the sphere of art, we also talk about the art of carpet weaving and Tabriz miniatures. The influence of Nizami's works on this art is inestimable. The musical scenes interpreted in Nizami Ganjavi's works and the descriptions of musical instruments create a context for talking about the status of music in the society of that time. The article points out that Nizami's works influenced almost all fields of art.