There were many talented artists who raised our national music, especially the art of mugham, to a special stage and passed it on to other nations, and their relics are one of the invaluable treasures of our cultural heritage. The main sources in the study of this heritage are recordings and notes. The collection, notation and publication of mughams by prominent mugham connoisseurs has led to the spread and recognition of mugham in the world and the growth of its fans. The systematic notation and study of Azerbaijan's traditional folk and professional music began only in the twentieth century. The new stage of development of notation and publication of mugham in the form of a collection belongs to the second half of the XX century. In our research, we also aim to conduct research on mugham publications and sound recordings related to these years.
Key words: National music, mugham, dastgah, rhytmical music, tasnif, khananda, singer, notes, sound recordings.