Azerbaijan Folk Music Models in Aleksandr      
Khodzko's book about "Koroglu" epos (saga)     
Ahmad ISAZADE           
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As one of the indicators of wide interest to Azerbaijan folklore we can show the printing of "Koroglu" heroic saga in the first half of the XX century and Russian ethnography played the leading role there.
A.Khodzko's book consists of following sections:

1. Preface;
2. Introduction to "Koroglu" epos;
3. Koroglu's heroism ad improvisations (i.e. ashug poems);
4. Folk music of Hashtarkhan tatars;
5. Three kalmuk songs;
6. Turkmen songs;
7. Songs of Iran Turks (Azeris);
8. Iran songs;
9. Gilani's songs;
10. Rudbar mountain dwellers' songs;
11. Talish songs;
12. Mazandaran songs;
13. Text examples;
14. Nine Azeri songs with Anthony Kontsky's piano arrangement.
Notes are added to the last section.

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